Green License Plates for Electric Cars

Having an electric vehicle is surely an anytime convenience. You don’t have to worry about getting a tank filled up with petrol or diesel in the era of rising fuel prices. Above that, electric vehicles do not use any fuel, they save our environment from gaseous emissions and reduce air and noise pollution.

Recently, India has seen a push towards electric vehicles (EVs) as a sustainable transport option. One of the most critical aspects of this revolution in the EV space is the introduction of green licence plates for EVs.

This article discusses the implications, benefits, and challenges of green number plates for electric cars in India. Further, we will examine their role in the country’s journey towards environmental sustainability.

 What are Green Electric Car Licence Plates?

In India, vehicles that are powered by electricity have special licence plates called “Green License Plates” or green Number plates. These plates are easy to identify because they have a green background with numbers written in white and a green stripe on the left side.

These green plates help to show that these cars are good for the environment because they don’t use petrol, or diesel.

 When Did India Launch the Green Number Plate?

In December 2020, India started using these green number plates. All electric cars, both new and already on the road, on the road, can have these green plates. This makes it easy to see which cars are electric.

 Why are Green Licence Plates Used?

Several reasons make it mandatory to use Green Number Plates on Electric Vehicle:

 Identification of Electric Vehicle

Green electric number plates have been introduced for easy determination of vehicle type. An electric vehicle should be identified separately with a green colour background on the vehicle number plate.

 Promote Green Technology

A green number plate supports the development and adoption of green technology. The environment-friendly vehicle is thus donated in green. It reduced air pollution on the streets.

 Less Traffic Compliances

For electric vehicles, rules and regulations are not that strict in some regions. Over other vehicles, electric vehicles are prioritised first. Also, these vehicles have access to carpool lanes and less restriction compared to other petrol or diesel vehicles. It reduces the traffic congestion in the cities.

 How to Apply for a Green Number Plate?

Let us look at the procedure to apply for a green licence plate.

 Documents Required

Below are the documents which are required while applying for the Green Number Plate:

  1. Identity Proof – Aadhar Card, PAN card, Voter’s ID, Driving Licence
  2. Address Proof – Aadhar Card, Home Electricity or Water Bill, Indian Passport
  3. Copy of Vehicle’s active Insurance, if any
  4. Properly filled out the application form linked with Vehicle registration – Form CMV20, which is available on the Parivahan portal

 Procedure to Get a Green Electric Number Plate 

Here’s the step-by-step process to obtain a green licence plate number:

  1. With all the above documents, visit your nearest Regional Transport Office.
  2. Submit all the required documents and authenticate.
  3. Pay the applicable fees
  4. The Regional Transport Officer will check the vehicle.
  5. You will be issued with an electric vehicle registration number or vehicle licence number.
  6. Get the number painted as per instruction on the green licence plate.

 Rules for Green Number Plates for Electric Cars

  • Every electric vehicle should have a green number plate per the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.
  • A green bar must be added on the bottom left of the plate.
  • The number plate should have the registration number written in yellow or white with an electric car number plate green background.
  • Yellow is used for public vehicles whereas white letters are used for private vehicles to differentiate between public and private vehicles.

 Insurance for Electric Vehicle

An electric vehicle insurance is a contract between the electric vehicle owner and the insurer to protect the car owner from any damage or loss caused due to uncertainty.

The insurance claim covers the expenses in accidental cases. For your financial safeguarding, it is preferable to buy a four-wheeler insurance for your electric car that offers comprehensive coverage.

It is now easy to buy car insurance with the insurance premium calculation facility offered by insurers like Tata AIG. With the help of a car insurance premium calculator, you can determine the amount of periodic insurance payment you would have to make to insure your electric car.

 To Encapsulate

Green electric number plates are a good medium for easy detection of an electric vehicle. If you are looking forward to purchasing an electric four-wheeler anytime now or in the future, understanding electric car licence plates would be a lot more helpful.

Just as buying an electric vehicle, it is equally important to follow the green licence plate rules and norms that are laid out by the law.

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